This is what some of our customers have to say

Not only has 12N made me more money than I thought it would but reselling has also taught me many great life skills and things I didn’t know. This year, because of 12N, I’ve been able to enjoy myself, go to things like f1, the Euros, AJs fight… the list goes on without having to worry about the prices.
In total I have made 48,000 in profit and by estimates it’ll be around 52 by Christmas which is on average a k week while being a full time med student. I am looking to buy my first investment property by September r next year. This is all down to 12N and the staff that helped me.
Joined with about £50, putting in about an hour a weeks work in my spare time. Cut to this week I made a few thousand on a free NFT. Thanks to 12N i’ve been able to afford to not worry booking holidays and going out while studying for uni.
I joined with £150 to my name, because that was the amount 12N recommended to start with. I had a few rough patches but since then i’ve managed to make £11.5K profit, with £24k in sales solely off of sneakers
37.6 ETH in 12 Minutes..... that was a crazy day!
I joined less than 2 months ago solely for NFTs and have made about 4 ETH profit, not necessarily all from the releases but it was the knowledge given to me. Around £14k profit, , also met some really great mindset people here.