Does this group support beginners?

Yes of course we do – it makes us happy! We support all levels of experience, so whether you’re completely new to the world of trading, or already familiar with it, we can help.


We have written and video guides in place and crucially, you can book a free personal call with one of our helpful and experienced staff to help you maximise our resources.


For the experienced trader all the same services are available at a much higher level so we can build on what you already know.  In particular, you will probably enjoy watching our professional analysts trade live daily.

How quickly will I recieve help/advice?

We pride ourselves on being able to have staff there to instantly support you, and answer whatever queries you may have. Book a 1-1 call the moment you sign up.

Can I make a profit from any country?

Absolutely! Although we are mainly UK based, we have members from all over the world that are making profits. The beauty of what we do is it can be done from anywhere.

How do I receive notifications?

You will receive notifications straight to your phone and laptop through Discord and we also offer text alerts for important trade calls so you don't miss out!

How much money can I make?

The limits are endless! Members are consistently pushing for 3-5 figure profits per month. The only thing that limits you is  you time, your effort and desire. Budget is relevant but with funded accounts you can access far greater budgets than you own.


NOTE: You need to pass a couple of quite demanding tests to access a funded account but we can guide you.

How much do I need to start?

It varies depending on what you are looking to do.


With VEVE you can start with as little as £10. With Crypto you can start with £100 and for Forex you require about £500, though you need to pass a couple of quite demanding tests to access a funded account but we can guide you.


However, we usually recommend that beginners start with demo accounts and you run these for free for as long as you think is necessary.

What is VEVE?

VEVE is a digital collectables launch pad that work with huge brands such as Disney. They release comics and characters that can be bought for as little as £10 and which usually sell for between £35 and £1500. It’s a great way to build up some capital. Of course there’s a VEVE guide available.

Is it risk free?

Trading is not risk free. You should only use money that you can afford to lose.

Can anyone do it?

Yes, absolutely anyone can learn, regardless of prior experience. Most of our members had never traded before they joined us.

Why are your staff better than others?

They are extremely knowledgeable, but perhaps more importantly, they are kind and considerate and totally committed to helping members make the most of our services . Whether it’s understanding bots, following our live traders or explaining how to start right at the beginning with VEVE they will be there for you 100%. Try them out by booking your first call after signing up for our free 30 day (credit card free) trial.

How many signal providers do you have?

We have 7 professional analysts who will provide you with regular signals enabling you to follow professionals whilst you learn yourself.

How do I know that I will have success in your group?

Please look at the reviews on our website, as well as on Google and Trustpilot.


We believe that these speak for themselves.

Can I trade alongside a full-time job?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have great success alongside a full-time job. Most of our members do exactly that. Our own trading bot is designed so that it can place and close trades for you whilst you're unavailable.

How much do your analysts make a month?

Our main analyst Jake, and the trader you can watch live in our Discord, averages 4-6% return per month. However previous results are not a representaion of future ones.