Prop Firm Challenge Passing Service

Jumpstart your trading journey with confidence! 100% passing guarantee on the Prop Firm Funded Account Challenge within 24 hours – Get your success story underway.

We don’t charge until it’s passed!

What is a Prop Firm Challenge?

A Prop Firm Challenge refers to an evaluation process conducted by proprietary trading firms (prop firms) to assess the trading skills of individuals. Traders participating in a prop firm challenge are often provided with a simulated or funded trading account and are tasked with meeting certain performance criteria, such as profit targets. Successfully passing the prop firm challenge leads to opportunities for the trader to manage a funded account provided by the firm. This funded account serves as capital for traders, and the resulting profits are then shared between the firm and the trader.

How to Pass a Prop Firm Challenge?

Getting into a trading market using external capital would be a dream for any beginner trader. However, passing a prop firm challenge is not as easy as it seems, this is where many beginners fail. Prop firm challenges often require traders to demonstrate exceptional skills in risk management, strategic decision-making, and consistent profitability within strict timeframes. The challenges set by prop firms are designed to be demanding, making success a noteworthy achievement. One company released their statistics which showed that less than 0.1% of people managed to pass the challenge and then get to the first month of payout without blowing the account. This indicates how hard these challenges can be for an individual.

This is where 1st2Notify team comes in, we have passed hundreds of these challenges already. Our experts are renowned for their exceptional skills in successfully passing challenges for some of the top proprietary trading firms. We believe in ourself so much, that we don’t charge for the service until it’s passed.

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Prop Trading Firms We Can Pass

How it Works?

Step 1

Create Your Prop Firm Account

Head to any of the above listed prop firm’s website and purchase the funded account of your choice. You must select an MT4 account in order for us to pass it. Fill in all the relevant details to create your account. Once the account is created, pass your MT4 account credentials to us.

Step 2

We will pass your Prop Firm Challenge

Now we will pass your prop firm challenge for you and confirm to you once this has been done. We expect most passes to take no longer than 24 hours. Once we have confirmed the completion, you can log back into the prop firm account and you will now see your Live Funded Account.

Step 3


Once your Funded Account is live and you are satisfied, you make payment for our prop firm challenge passing service and enjoy your trading. Although we guarantee passing the funded account challenge, if somehow we were to fail, not only would we not charge you our passing service fee, but we'll also refund your prop firm challenge fee.

Prop Firm Challenge Passing Service Pricing

For a 50K Account

£ 120 One Time Fee

For a 100k Account

£ 200 One Time Fee

For a 200K Account

£ 320 One Time Fee

We offer discounts on multiple accounts and can pass any account size up to 1 million. For more information contact us.

How to Get Started?

To get started join our Prop Firm Challenge Discord Server 

Then head to #support-tickets channel ⁠ and select the funded pass option.

Now you will be greeted by one of our staff who will assist you with the next steps.

Discord Server for Prop Firm Passing Challenge


Successful Challenge Completions

Our team has passed 100s of Prop Firm Challenges already. Check out some of the challenge completion certifications below


Prop firm challenges require traders to maintain a certain level of profits as well as fulfilling other objectives making it an extremely difficult challenge even for a seasoned investor. According to recent research by EATradingAcademy 80-99% individuals fail their prop firm challenges.

Prop firm accounts offer several benefits, including access to increased capital, profit-sharing, skill development in a controlled setting, and lower financial risk.

For beginners, funded accounts can be beneficial as they provide more capital to trade and a chance to share profits. However, it's important for beginners to be cautious, understand the risks, and be aware of the rules set by the funding firm. Approach with a clear understanding of the challenges involved.

Losing a large sum on a funded account doesn't carry significant consequences. Even if it leads to the loss of your funded account, you have the option to attempt another prop firm challenge with the same firm or explore opportunities with a different one. In essence, the risk and potential loss are minimal.

While there is inherent risk in trading, funded accounts can potentially entail less financial risk for traders. This is because they are utilizing external capital provided by the funding firm, which can act as a buffer against personal financial exposure.