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31 Google reviews
Saad Adam
Saad Adam
I have been in 1st2Notify for a decent amount of time and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every single moment. The people are so nice in there and are a great bunch. They have helped me through everything and the team is always coming up with so many new and different ways to make us money. From NFTs to Trading to airdrops. So many different revenue streams and can sometimes be hard to keep up, as I am also working, but this is a good problem to have. Overall, it’s definitely worth the money and you are made like you belong here. Will be staying for longer definitely.
Morgan Bailey
Morgan Bailey
Joining this group is an absolute no brainer! I’ve been apart of this community for years now and the best word to describe them is dynamic. I first joined when this was a sneaker reselling community however, they are always on the lookout for the best ways of earning money and I have seen them adapt to the changing markets countless times: sneakers, hot tubs/ summer apparatus, NFTs and now crypto + forex. The team go out of their way to to help each and every member of the server - no question is ever too basic and you’ll never feel too awkward to ask (no matter what the depth of your knowledge is on the subject). Again, the team are constantly working towards ways of evolving the server to further improve the consumer experience, one of their latest and my personal favourites is the addition of two very experienced, reliable forex traders. Every morning there is an extensive analysis upon various forex markets, giving their insight into what is likely to be achieved that day. Furthermore, if reading market analysis isn’t your thing, then they’ve also got a forex bot which directly copies the trades of both professional traders, it’s genuinely as simple as that! As a result of this, I have personally been able to invest just £100 into forex and within 2 weeks of trading with minimal risk, I have turned this into £250 and have since withdrawn my original deposit so now it’s entirely risk free trading. Moving on from forex, another unmissable opportunity in this server is VeVe. Alerts are sent out to the community every time of a profitable drop alongside slots to give the best chances of copping said drop. I cannot stress enough that no effort from yourself has to be made here to make money, just let an admin know you’d like to be run, see if you hit the drop, then sell for profit - couldn’t be easier! There are various other methods of making big money in this server that I am yet to divulge into yet personally, but I am looking forward to continuing my journey with this community and continuing to earn a great side hustle! I cannot recommend these guys enough… 10/10 🙂
Millie Charles Davies
Millie Charles Davies
Thank you to Arran and the team for taking so much time and patience to teach me and guide me in the right direction when it comes to trading. It’s the only group that I trust 👏👏
James Juff
James Juff
Selling you a dream and image ain’t going to make you no money
Seb Bouzyk
Seb Bouzyk
Best reselling group for all sorts of products with daily pings and information for consoles, graphics cards, shoes and more recently NFTs. Could not recommend this group enough to anyone looking into increasing their reselling game!
Liam Bailey
Liam Bailey
Great group with a great community feel, not overly saturated with members so it feels like a much more personal experience. If you get the chance to join would recommend!!!
Chris Finnerty (ChrisCarGuy)
Chris Finnerty (ChrisCarGuy)
I was a member here for around 6 months or so; in that time I copped many sneaker releases, some collectibles, a few PS5’s as well as garden items and in demand flips. The staff are very responsive and very knowledgeable, the community is absolutely fantastic and the opportunities to make money are plenty. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back and certainly hope to one day
Olivia Wyatt
Olivia Wyatt
As a girl I was a little nervous to join the group but I was welcomed by so many lovely members and staff. The information and features they provide is absolutely incredible. There are so many ways to get sneakers that I never knew about. I have made so much more money then I could ever have imagined. 1st2Notify really are the best!
Rewan polkinghorne
Rewan polkinghorne
Easy to understand and teach you the basics and encourage growth. Great group of people
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