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ForexTraderX: Our Forex Trading Bot

Trade smarter with our 24/7 active automated trading forex bot. With a success rate of 78%, ForexTraderX has helped more than 1,500 community members achieve their financial goals.

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What makes our forex bot special?

  • Fully Automated, trades are placed 24/7
  • Runs smoothly on any mobile device
  • Compatible with MT4
  • 78% win rate over the last year
  • Monitored by real traders so you can relax
  • Payment via Profit Split with no upfront payment as we believe in the bot
  • Data backed trades
  • Automated Entry, Stop loss and Take Profit
  • Easy to install - Use anywhere from your phone
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How the bot Works

Our bot is run by our two head analysts and everytime they place a trade it will automatically place it for you. By having this human intervention you don’t need to worry about sudden changes in the market causing the bot to open incorrect trades.

We go for consistency over volume, on average there will be about 5 trades a week with over a 70% win rate since we started a year ago. No one likes drawdown, and that’s why each of our trades will have a set stop loss to ensure you’re not stuck with trades open for ages in a loss.

We truly believe in the success of our bot which is why we don’t charge a penny up front. Our % of profit-share model ensures we only make money through our customer’s wins. This is all done automatically, so you can sit back and relax while you watch the trades come in on your phone.

Your next Steps

Step 1

Join Our Discord

Join the free section of our Discord and open a ticket to get started. Upon joining, you'll get a full length video, a written installation guide and access to an ultra responsive team who are very happy to assist you along the way.

Step 2

Book A Free Call

If you need an extra hand, you can book a free call with our staff to ensure you set it up correctly. We are also here to answer any questions you may have on the call, whether that be about the bot or trading in general.

Step 3

Fund Your Account

Fund your account and wait for the trades to start rolling in. Everytime we open or close a trade you will get an alert to your phone to keep you updated. There's also built in graphs so you can monitor your account progression overtime.

100% rule based – take the guesswork out of trading

Instant alerts when we enter and exit any trade so you know exactly what’s going on

Perfect for beginners

Our forex bot offers beginner traders a hands-off approach, automating processes and reducing emotional influence. This means you can capitalize on our trades while you spend your time learning how to trade. ForexTraderX  is perfect for anyone who wants to get started with forex trading. Please be aware no trading bot will make you rich overnight, this is about small consistent gains.

Free 1-1 Mentoring Calls

We offer a free 1-1 mentoring call to ensure you have the bot perfectly set up. Moreover, our regular Discord updates, detailed installation guide and friendly responsive team ensures you get the best out of your Forex bot experience. If you are unsure how the bot works or have any bot related queries, feel free to contact us anytime or join our free Discord server to learn more, we’d be happy to help.


"Made it unbelievably easy"

The team have been managing a funded account for myself and with someone with little knowledge on forex they have made it unbelievably easy. Always taking the time to answer any questions I’ve had and great results so far, looking forward for what’s to come!

Mark Jenkins

"Top-tier trading group"

1st2Notify group is highly recommended for traders of all levels. They provide a lot of support to everyone no matter what level of trading skills you have. Especially for their strategy on signals and prop firm passing, their professionalism is top-tier and highly rated!

Anthony Yuen

"1st2Notify are amazing"

The guys at 1st2Notify are amazing. They are knowledgeable on prop firms and answered all of my questions. I was happy to choose them to pass my prop firm challenge. They completed the challenge phase for me in a matter of minutes. Incredible.


"Easy way to get another income stream"

The 1stNotify team has been handling a managed funded account for myself, as someone with very little trading knowledge, it has been an easy way to get another income stream up and running. No question asked is ever left unanswered.


"This is an absolute no brainer"

This is the best group I have been a part of by far. They offer the chance to have funded accounts passed within 24 hours, if you're serious about trading this is an absolute no brainer, as it gives you access to live funded accounts straight away.

Will Dodds

"It’s definitely worth the money"

I have been in 1st2Notify for a decent amount of time and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every single moment. From NFTs to Trading to airdrops. So many different revenue streams and can sometimes be hard to keep up, but this is a good problem to have.

Saad Adam

"Friendly, genuine and helpful"

After many years of joining groups and pages that are either scammers or don't deliver on the service they advertise I can say that I've never been in a group as friendly, genuine and helpful. Anything you need there will be someone on hand to assist.

Damien Lewarne

"Their professionalism is top-tier"

1st2Notify group is highly recommended for traders of all levels. They provide a lot of support to everyone no matter what level of trading skills you have. Especially for their strategy on signals and prop firm passing, their professionalism is top-tier and highly rated!


"A lot of wisdom and knowledge"

Really good trading page, it’s more than just a signal group, it's a group of hustlers and a group of like minded individuals. It's more than just trading. A lot of wisdom and knowledge regarding trading is dropped.


"The best Trading community"

The best Trading community I have ever been in. A bespoke server that actually care about you and wants you to succeed. Not only are their signals amazing but they have helped me become a better trade myself. Can't wait to continue improving!


"Made some very nice gains"

The best group I have ever been in. I instantly felt welcomed and was even offered a free voice call with the staff. I have been running their bot for over a month now and have made some very nice gains. I would suggest 1st2notify to anyone!


"Great group of people"

After a few months of learning in a few different groups I was looking for a group that wasn't just a copy trading group.1st2Notify has definitely helped me learn through the learning resources, live sessions, market analysis and much more.


"Good and honest industry experts"

Quality money making group, whether it’s crypto, forex, Veve, there’s something in here to suit everyone. Most importantly, good and honest industry experts that give you value and lessons for a very, very reasonable monthly price. Recommending to everyone!


"Lots of money making ideas"

Good bunch of lads, great community and lots of money making options. Made me 2k within 8 days.

"Richard Turner

Tips to get better at Trading

Avoid these 3 common trading mistakes

– Expecting to become rich within the first month
– Failing to see that the higher the potential rewards are, the higher the risk
– Not having the patience to stick to a trading strategy throughout all market cycles

What to do instead

Firstly GET REAL, nothing is going to make you rich overnight and if its advertising that it is you need to avoid that. That being said if you have patience, the long term potential of trading is life changing.

When it comes to setting up our bot you can use a very low risk setting, this is the best for steady growth over time.

Finally by letting us do the trading for you, you don’t have to worry about the mentality of trading affecting your results. Remove emotions and let our bot think for you.

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There is no upfront cost, as we don't believe you should have to pay for something unless it works. Once you're up and running we take 20% of the profits made using our bot which helps us to ensure we are always on top.

The bot is completely free to set up, we only charge based on success

You will need at least £500 in order to cover the smallest possible risk setting

The strategy we use is based on accuracy over volume. We believe 1 winning trade a day is a lot better in the long run than trying to force multiple trades a day. Consistency is key with forex trading. This bot will not aim to double your portfolio in a week, this is aimed to be a long-term consistent earner.

Once you’ve joined our free Discord group you’ll be able to open a support ticket with the staff and get started.

Either you can follow the video and written guides to download the app and complete the very easy set up. Or you can book a free call with our staff and they can walk you through every step.

Once set up, you will deposit the funds and then you can track every trade placed and closed from your phone so you know exactly what's going on!

We aim to make 10-15% a month and this is based on a 5% risk per trade. Naturally some months will be less and others will be more. Please be aware past performance is no guarantee of future performance.