Some of the benefits that having a 1st2notify subscription include.

  • Alpha Information

    Be first to know about new NFT projects to secure whitelists before the
    competition arrives.

  • 24/7 Support

    Free 1 to 1 support from our staff team as you need it. They have exceptional knowledge across all areas, understand the demands of beginners and are kind and considerate.

  • Rapid Monitors

    The fastest and most reliable drop & restock monitors in the game. Supporting all the key sites across NFTs, Sneakers and Collectibles.

  • In- House Tools

    Free access to our custom NFT whitelist bot, reselling extension and custom monitors designed for the latest NFTS, Sneakers and Collectibles.

  • Early Info

    Get access to Skus and Pids before any release so you can take stock.

  • Wallet Tracker

    We track NFT whales so you can be informed of their behaviour, and hence likely movements, before the masses.

  • Sneaker Partnerships

    We have developed unique partnerships with carefully chosen companies supplying Bots and Proxies.

  • NFT Partnerships

    We have regular partnerships with the top NFT projects to ensure the best Whitelists for our members.

  • Bulk-Buy Partnerships

    We’ve teamed up with many buyers to ensure members always have the opportunity to sell in volume when required.

  • NFT Release Guides

    We extensively cover ETH, SOL, NEAR and Veve releases, so you never miss a chance to make profit.

  • NFT Beginner Guides

    We provide all the written and video guides needed to take you from your first NFT purchase to experienced flipper.

  • Sneaker Guides

    Information on all the upcoming releases, restocks and tricks to check out before your competition.