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The main reason everyone joins is to make money.  Here’s why our members stay with us.

  • We have focused on our sense of community and its values. We are a very close group where everyone helps each other and if you are new you will be made to feel very welcome irrespective of your level of knowledge.v
  • We provide a Q&A session once a month so any member (most often new members) can ask our staff team anything they fancy. Hearing the responses to other members’ questions is also super useful.
  • We run group activities for all which often include prizes such as free bots, memberships and proxies. An example of this was a Warzone tournament where large numbers took part and the winner went home with a very advanced EU bot of very high value.
  • We are quite simply the fastest in terms of responding to the latest flips as evidenced by our adding consoles, video cards and now NFTs to our original offering of sneakers.
  • We have an in-house marketplace which allows you to buy, sell and trade items, find others who may have a size your customer requires and there are always bulk buyers available should you wish to cash out quickly.
  • On the technical side we have the most advanced monitors and features and have recently added a custom in-house bot and autofiller.
  • We are constantly striving to improve and offer members free months and prizes for any of their suggestions that we implement.
  • We have a dedicated staff team that work round the clock, whether that be helping you on an individual level or posting links before our competitors which will make members thousands of pounds.
  • We have a track record of success and you can see our reviews

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