Most frequently asked questions.


You can join via a restock for the price of £50p/m, or you can purchase a membership of 1st2Notify on the aftermarket, as we are sold out

We recommend selling/buying in supported Discord servers such as BotMart, Tidal Market etc who specialise in help buying/selling subscriptions. Always use a middleman when conducting the transaction; or else we are unable to support if it goes wrong

Yes of course we do! We support all ranges of ability, so whether you’re completely new to the world of reselling, or already familiar with it, we can help.  

We have beginner guides in place for you to read when you initially join, FAQs,and 24/7 staff support.

You will receive help and advice as quickly as possible! We pride ourselves on being able to have staff there to instantly support you, and answer whatever queries you may have. Ask away!  We can’t claim 24/7 support but it is very nearly that!!

We are a predominantly UK based cookgroup, however we definitely cater to our EU members also. We have multiple EU based members already, and as we also include things such as EU monitors, and site lists for EU sites, we can collectively cook – no matter where you’re from, you can join in on this!

It’s risk free because we provide all info behind releases. Most are of an incredibly limited nature, so are bound to go for more on the aftermarket (as most of the time, supply outweighs the demand).

Also in our flips, we tell you how long a certain product can be refunded until (i.e. nike has a 60 days returns policy), so we will remind you. If you do happen to be stuck with something before those 60 days are up, you can refund it and get all your money back – losing no money and proving it is risk free.

Use our master-guide, this will outline what we recommend you put notifications on for.

To put on discord notifications for a channel follow these steps : 

  1. Click the drop down menu, by the top of the server name.
  2. Then click notification settings.
  3. This will prompt 3 options; All messages, only mentions, or nothing. Click the appropriate option.

4. Alter to your liking!

We help you make money by providing :

in-depth analysis on all profitable items (even the lowkey ones no one knows!)

The fastest EU monitors so you can hit shock drops, and restocks!

Custom Twitter & Instagram monitors so we can cook bot restocks too!

Information regarding all instore drops. 

24/7 1 to 1 staff support.

Profitable calls on bots.

Heavily discounted/free food coupons/codes!

And so much more for just £50/m!

Not always; but we do provide facilities in which we run your details on a drop, using high-end bots – and the chances of copping items drastically increase. 

We also provide you with bot rentals, and teach you how to safely purchase, sell & rent bots yourself!

We will typically push a guide 24 hours before any major drop, and will provide all the necessary information as to how to cop. This includes but is not limited to :

Sitelists (which sites will stock the said items).

Monitors (which provide direct links to add the item to cart, and checkout/cop a restock).

Early links (early links mean you can load these links when it drops, and should instantly take you to the page).

Specialist info – providing you with keywords and telling you what type of site it is (if you run a bot) but mainly teaching you how to manual certain sites so you have the best chance of copping!

Slots – we run something called autocheckouts. This is essentially where a trusted member runs their bot with your details, and typically charges a PAS (Pay After Success fee). These are also referred to as slots. The reason you see different spellings like “zl0ts” is because using the word “slot” / “slots” can get a server banned.

No, it is just a mere £50 per month. We outline all extra costs incurred (if there are any).

The limits are endless! Members have been consistently pushing for 3 or 4 figure profit margins per month; the only thing that limits you is the budget you’re working with.

We recommend around £500, although any amount is fine. Members have started with as little as £100, some others have started with thousands. We cater to every budget, so do not worry!


We absolutely support beginners. We provide incredibly detailed written and video guides, as well as 24/7 support from a team of friendly NFT experts, to ensure that members can start regardless of their level of experience.

We cover ETH, SOL, NEAR and VeVe releases in depth, with specialist providers for each network. This allows members to start flipping NFTs whatever their level of initial capital.

We suggest having between £500 to £1000 to start, although you could start with £0 and sell the whitelists you achieve, learning about the market before putting up any of your money

This is of course dependent on the amount of time and capital you have to invest, with more of either allowing you to grow your capital faster. But many members have made £10,000’s from initial investments of less than £1000

How do I get whitelisted?

You do not need bots. Most of our members’ success is manual. However, we do provide bots that help you achieve whitelists, and bot group-buys.

Trading NFTs is not risk free. When trading NFTs, you should only use money that you can afford to lose.

Yes, absolutely anyone can learn, regardless of prior experience. Most of our members had never traded an NFT before they joined us.

We believe we offer the best value-for-money service within the NFT space. Our close community of members creates a uniquely supportive environment for learning and progressing. We extensively cover all major networks to bring you the best opportunities for profit. We have NFT staff that are exclusive to our group, providing alpha that will not be found elsewhere.

We have a really dedicated and skilled team of 12 staff members, who are constantly bringing our members the best opportunities in the NFT space early.

Your membership grants you access to all of our sneaker reselling and NFT information, though you can of course customise notifications within the server to exactly suit your needs.

We currently have around 450 members. We restrict increases in membership to ensure that we maintain our exceptional standards of support and our tight-knit community, which explains our enormous success.

Please look at the reviews on our website, as well as on Google and Trustpilot [hyperlinks to all 3]. You will see that these speak for themselves.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have great success with NFTs alongside a full-time job. Most of our members do exactly this.