About Us

1st2Notify was started by Arran as a way to share his six years of reselling experience and help his friends.

Arran started reselling as a 16-year A level student by buying and selling limited edition trainers and Supreme items.  Learning the skills and tricks back then without the support of a group or access to bots and monitors was quite hard and long nights were spent queuing outside shops.

After a year out teaching Watersports in sunny Greece Arran returned to the UK to start work as an estate agent in London. After 12 months, Covid struck, and Arran realised it was his opportunity to further his buying and selling. This was now so successful that he was persuaded by friends to start showing others the way and 1st2Notify was born in April 2020.

Since then, the 1st2Notify cook group has grown substantially with a very loyal following, many of whom have remained from the very beginning due to constant success. While the early days were focussed on trainers and Supreme it was not long before the company branched out into other short supply items such as hot tubs, consoles, graphics cards and collectibles. The latest and most profitable items are NFTs and these are what are capturing the interest of both myself and the majority of group members. To ensure these new areas are properly supported, new staff with specialist knowledge are constantly recruited by 1st2notify.

Many members have had their lives changed because of their membership and have enabled their families to survive through what has been a very difficult year.

Members nowadays regularly help each other with advice and often sales, enjoy group sessions of Warzone and occasionally end up joining the staff team.

Beginner or expert look no further, we will be able to take your reselling to the next stage. Whether that’s using a bot for the first time or getting your first 100 clip of yeezys we have staff on hand 24/7 to help you achieve your goals.